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    The first thing you need to decide on is the format of the context of the strictly defined essay. Your target audience, title page parameters, and length all need to be considered in your writing. But all the concentration should come to the main idea of the essay.

    It is different when the topic is free. Its choice can be driven by your interests and passions. This will make the essay most interesting. Although you can also choose a topic in which you do not approve of a particular point of view.

    Proceed to gather information. Of course, it is better to write about something based on personal experience and knowledge. But if you do not have them, and even if knowledge is available, it is better to refresh your knowledge with new information. Don't exclude those statements that oppose your assertions either. About you as a good essayist, will say the found arguments in favor of your thesis.

    By the way, it is desirable that the length of the thesis should not be more than one sentence. Make sure that transtutors review contains everything that you would like to say in the essay itself.

    With a plan, it will be easier to write an essay. Despite the short prose, it is still advisable to make an outline of the material, as well as come up with nice subheadings for the paragraphs. Subheadings will be useful for the perception of your text, as well as show the logic of your thinking.

    The main part of the text should start with the main thoughts. They will help you with the supporting parts. The main part should definitely be supported by arguments and examples. Observe the order of the plan, and in each paragraph write only about one statement and the corresponding proof.

    After writing the main ideas, you can proceed to formulate the conclusion, summarizing the main ideas, and perhaps offering the reader a direction that can be developed. That is, here you need to rethink the information written (not new!) in a broader perspective.

    Oddly enough, you should write the introduction after all of the above, because that's when you'll have a concrete idea of what you'll be writing about. A good introduction is written with a general statement, backed up by a problem or question, and a small thesis statement or summary of your views.

    At the end of the whole material is obligatory to re-read several times and check for errors. It is best to rephrase or rewrite any thoughts or sentences you don't like.
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