Formerly in their fifties, now in their fifties: long live middle age!

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    Formerly in their fifties, now in their fifties: long live middle age!

    п»ї<title>The Psychology of Anakin Skywalker</title>
    With the release of the new Star Wars trilogy, it seems that the passion for the saga has been reawakened. However, despite the fact that the new films have been reviewed fairly well and have reaped great profits in theaters, they are missing something that was present in the original two trilogies. I am referring, of course, to the character of Anakin Skywalker.
    Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, was one of the central characters of the first six films, and one of the iconic characters in film history. The Chosen One of the Prophecy, within the universe of the saga, is undoubtedly the most complex of all the characters in the original films.
    However, understanding some of this character's actions can be somewhat complicated. Why did he go from being a warrior fighting for peace to becoming the right-hand man of a tyrant oppressing the entire galaxy? In this article we will examine the psychology of Anakin Skywalker to find out.
    The psychology of Anakin Skywalker: understanding the most famous Star Wars characterDespite the fact that the three prequels are not as appreciated by fans as the original trilogy, in them are hidden the keys to understanding the psychology of Anakin Skywalker. In fact, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith focus almost exclusively on the development of this character.
    In them, we can see the story of Anakin, who starts as a child and ends up murdering an entire village and destroying the Jedi Temple. Later, as Darth Vader, he plunged the galaxy into terror for decades before redeeming himself and returning to the light side of the Force.
    What caused such abrupt changes in Anakin's personality? The keys are to be found in his history.
    The ravages of a hard childhoodTo understand the psychology of Anakin Skywalker, we have to go back to his childhood. Living on the planet Tatooine (a desert with hardly any resources and brutal living conditions), his mother and he are slaves of a scrap metal merchant. Little Anakin will have to worry about his mother's welfare from his earliest childhood.
    The absence of a father figure, according to many studies, can bring many complications in a child's life as an adult. Among other things, it can be one of the reasons why the person ends up generating an avoidant attachment, a way of behaving that we can observe in Anakin, especially in his relationship with Padme.
    People with this type of attachment avoid expressing their emotions and try to be completely self-sufficient. This is something we can observe in the psychology of Anakin Skywalker, who puts his own decisions ahead of the advice of his teachers, despite appreciating and respecting them.
    On the other hand, Anakin exhibits many of the traits of highly capable children. However, being very intelligent means more problems for the little boy than he initially solves: it brings him into conflict with his master, makes him feel different, and makes him very innocent and idealistic. All these traits will influence his fall to the Dark Side.
    Adopted by the JediWhen he meets Obi Wan and Qui Gon Jinn, Anakin believes he has found a way to free himself from his slavery and be able to help others. This is something very important to him, as one of his complaints in the first movie is that no one helps those in need. To young Anakin, the Jedi represent everything good in the world, so he holds them in high esteem. Unfortunately, although joining the Jedi seems like everything the young Skywalker could want, doing so will bring many complications.
    By leaving with Qui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan, Anakin will have to abandon his mother to her fate. She is the only person who has shown him unconditional affection, and despite the fact that the technology of the Star Wars universe is very advanced, it seems that he will not be able to communicate with her again while they are apart.
    Although Qui Gon is convinced that Anakin will be the one to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force, the Jedi Council does not want to train him. Claiming that he is too old, but with obvious fear for the boy's possible future, they refuse to accept him as a Padawan. This causes a strong sense of rejection in Anakin, who will gradually lose faith in the Council.
    One of the most important features of Anakin Skywalker's psychology is his independence. However, the Jedi masters try to impose a great deal of rules on him to prevent him from causing harm. This, coupled with the hurt he suffered when he was rejected, makes him increasingly resentful of them.
    A very turbulent relationshipThroughout the three prequels, we can see how Anakin goes from being an innocent child to a rebellious teenager, to later become a narcissistic adult. Confident of his superiority to others, but at the same time insecure and unable to open up to others, the young Skywalker feels isolated and misunderstood by others. On the other hand, the relationships he maintains cause him a great deal of problems:
    Obi Wan Kenobi, his master, has a role more of an older brother than a mentor. Although it is seen that the two enjoy an excellent relationship, certain competitive traits can also be seen in the behavior of the two.
    Padme, his wife, is a person Anakin has been in love with all his life, and therefore he has idealized her. This is not helped by the fact that they spend most of their time apart, so he can't really get to know her; and besides, they both need to keep their relationship a secret because if it were discovered, Anakin's position among the Jedi would be compromised.
    Chancellor Palpatine, one of the people Skywalker most admires, is actually a Sith master who wants to corrupt him. Therefore, Anakin forms a toxic relationship with him, in which the Chancellor causes him insecurity in both direct and indirect ways.
    Due to the complications present in his main relationships, and his isolation from the rest of the world, Anakin feels very lonely and insecure in his dealings with others. This will lead to his fall to the Dark Side later on.
    Betrayal of his idealsWhen Anakin, already a young Jedi, discovers that the dwellers of the sands have murdered his mother, anger blinds him and he kills the entire population of this race on Tatooine, including women and children. This act goes against all the ideals that Skywalker had held until then, and makes him even more arrogant and full of anger.
    Moreover, throughout the first three films Palpatine turns him against the Jedi Council, making him see that the interests of his masters are contrary to his own. When Anakin discovers that Padme is pregnant, and begins to have premonitory dreams about her death in childbirth, he seeks advice from the Chancellor. At that point, the Chancellor reveals that he is actually a powerful Sith master, and that the Dark Side of the Force can save his wife.
    Gnawed by doubts (a central element of Anakin Skywalker's psychology), the young Jedi denounces Palpatine to the Council, but when he sees how Mace Windu threatens to kill him, he comes to his mentor's defense. Thus, he betrays the Jedi and becomes Darth Sidious' apprentice.
    Under the orders of his new master, Anakin (already turned into Darth Vader) begins to commit a series of atrocities that make him fall further and further into a spiral of hatred and self-destruction. Among them, the most striking are the destruction of the Jedi Temple and the murder of all the children who were inside, along with the attack on Padme when she rejects him.
    After losing everything and nearly dying after confronting Obi Wan, Palpatine rescues him and makes him his servant. Thus, although Anakin hates him for all that he has caused him to lose, he has no choice but to join him because of his isolation from the rest of the world and his utter contempt for himself.
    However, it is this hatred for the Emperor that allows, in Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader to sacrifice himself to save his son Luke by murdering his master. In this way, he is able to return to the Bright Side and reunite with Obi Wan, his master, in the form of a Force ghost.
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