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Discussion in 'Rodents' started by Sam Samson, Oct 24, 2012.

    Sam Samson

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    Since I have lived in Eastborne, I have had constant issues with rats. At first it was a little, now its a lot! I rang different pest control places in the area, but they could not deal with the problem. The only place that has been actually helpful and cured my rodent problem, was sankey's pest control.

    If you have an issues I really would suggest using them.
    Bill Pilkington

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    You could try one an Ultrasonic mouse and rat repeller from Best Pest Control in Yorkshire.

    Simply plug the repeller into any electrical socket in your house and it will send an ultrasonic noise into the room that you plug it into e.g the kitche, and it sends an electromagnetic pulse through your wiring circuit to repel mice and rats.
    Tejas N. Sonawane

    Tejas N. Sonawane Member

    Sterling Pest control Mumbai's advanced rodent control system protects your home and your family with our proactive and preventive service - Rodent Control.

    Hemworld New Member

    Sterling Pest Control Mumbai, Bangalore also provide area wide or community wide rodent control services.Rodents are one of the main causes for serious damage to your health by contaminating food and spreading various diseases.

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