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    I recently got a fright when I saw a rat in my parents’ kitchen.

    A pest control company have come round but I’m concerned about rats getting back in, especially as my dad is prone to leaving doors open.

    I suggested that my parents get a cat but I don’t think they want the responsibility.

    I’ve looked into this and read that cats naturally deter rats as well as killing and eating them.

    As my parents are against getting a cat is there anything that can be left in a garden that will attract cats without attracting more rats?

    Does anyone also have any suggestions for natural rat repellents that are not myths and actually work?

    Sishir Ahmed

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    Why not better to use rat traps, like explaining on this site
    I know, that repellers work good, but I prefer to use lethal traps.
    Btw, which one repellent do you use now?
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