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    Carpenter ant is the name of such species of ant who destroy tons of wood every year. They do not eat wood like termites. They destroy wood for making nest.

    It is very tough to get rid of carpenter ant. Without having proper knowledge of removing that devils we should not try of remove them by ourselves. I normally use the mixture of boric acid and sugar for removing them from my property.

    What do you do, friends?
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    What is the best way to get rid of carpenter ants?
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    Sorry, I can't say that I have come across the Carpenter Ant before. Is this a UK problem or overseas?

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    Hey pest fira, are you actually talking about termite?? If it is not then you must prefer a best way to get rid of these bulshits. Because this wood eating problem is increasing day by day and people are looking real worried about it.

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    Never heard of a carpenter ant in the uk.
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    me also not heard about carpenter ant..
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    I'm very surprised they do not have carpenter ants in the UK! But I guess if we talked a little more and explored we might find they have something just as nasty that we don't have here. As an exterminator in jersey city new jersey, we see carpenter ant infestations all the time, particularly in the old houses, of which there are many.

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