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    I didn't have mice for a year because I caught one and then went crazy plugging up the holes. I caught one a few days ago and now I saw another one. I'm in Brooklyn NY, rat capital. Can someone give me advice on where it might be coming from. I live in a two bedroom apt, second floor. No cracks, holes that I can find. I'm very thorough. I have all the cabinet doors below sink taped up so they could not have come from there. Any advice is appreciated. I'm losing sleep over this. If anyone knows a professional in the area that can help please let me know.
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    Insect, rodent, and wildlife pests are more than an annoyance; they can damage structures, harm our environments, transmit disease, and cause other health hazards. Rodents are one of the main causes for serious damage to your health by contaminating food and spreading various diseases.

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    Rats and mice can be a real problem and need to be taken care of right away. Depending on how many you're dealing with you can handle the issue yourself or call in a professional team. We have some information here at Majestic Pest Control about how to deal with rodent control.

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